"Freedmen Voting In New Orleans in 1867 "

 The 1867 picture above shows African Americans who were slaves just a couple years earlier participating in their first election as free men.

1) What can we do as a Family Project ?
Create a Family Investment Club
Make a Family Recipe Book
Have a Family Birthday Club
Establish a Family Youth Scholarship Fund
All The Above
None Of The Above
2) Would you be willing to serve on a family reunion committee ?

3) In what area(s) are you willing to serve ?
Set-Up / Clean Up
4) How long should the family reunion be ?
1 Day
Long Weekend

5) What event(s) are important to you ?
A Banquet
A Picnic
A Family Meeting
Attending Church Together
6) How many years should there be between family reunions ?
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
5 Years

7) Which family reunion would you rather attend ?
The Brady's
The Sopranos'
Homer Simpson's
The Parker's
The Brown's
The Partridge Family
8) Please rate our Family web-site ?
Bad Idea
Needs a Little Improving
Needs a Lot of Improving
Very Good and Informative

9) Would you like to continue the Family web-site ?
No, cut the service
Yes, keep it going
Yes, and I will help finance the site