Look at who's coming to the
 Family Reunion


So far we have 173 Family Members from 13 different States who have paid to attend the 2014 Cobb-Freeman-Payne-Forrest-Eskridge Family Reunion.

  1. Anthony Feltus   Tuscaloosa, AL.   (3-X)
  2. Britini Feltus   Tuscaloosa, AL.   (X-Large)
  3. Irene Thomas-Feltus   Tuscaloosa, AL.   (X-Large)

  1. Allen Carl Hayes   Mabelevale, AR.   (2-X)
  2. Shelia Hayes   Mabelevale, AR.   (Large)

  1. Alani Taylor   San Franciso, CA.   (Youth X-Small)
  2. Brianne Taylor   San Francisco, CA.   (Medium)
  3. Brigette Taylor   San Francisco, CA.   (Large)
  4. Michael Taylor   San Francisco, CA.   (X-Large)

  1. Amber Green   Morrow, GA.   (Medium)
  2. Bernetha Feltus-Green   Morrow, GA.   (X-Large)
  3. Damien Feltus   Morrow, GA.   (2-X)
  4. James Green   Morrow, GA.   (2-X)
  5. LeRoy White   College Park, GA.   (2-X)
  6. Marcella Feltus-White   College Park, GA.   (X-Large)
  1. Burney Acoff   Chicago, IL.   (Large)
  2. Carol Moore-Mallett   Kankakee, IL.   (X-Large)
  3. Frank Kyle Anthony   Shorewood, IL.   (Large)
  4. James Richardson Sr.   Chicago, IL.
  5. Johnny Acoff   Chicago, IL.   (X-Large)
  6. Mary Ann Richardson   Chicago, IL.
  7. Rickey Mallett   Kankakee, IL.   (2-X)
  8. Sharon Anthony   Shorewood, IL.   (Medium)

  1. David Odom Jr.   Indianapolis, IN.
  2. David Odom Sr.   Indianapolis, IN.
  3. Dejah Odom   Indianapolis, IN.
  4. Denettera Odom   Indianapolis, IN.
  5. Earnest Graham   Indianapolis, IN.
  6. Irene Odom   Indianapolis, IN.
  7. Kire Walker   Indianapolis, IN.
  8. Phyllis Walker   Indianapolis, IN.
  1. Alasia Tardy   Grand Rapids, MI.
  2. Alicia Tardy   Grand Rapids, MI.
  3. Betty Jones-Marshall   Mt. Morris, MI.   (X-Large)
  4. Brett Taylor   Grand Rapids, MI.
  5. Darrell Hudson   Grand Rapids, MI.   (X-Large)
  6. Denia Nicole Luster   Grand Rapids, MI.
  7. Diane Taylor-Dobbins   Grand Rapids, MI.   (2-X)
  8. Eleesia Tardy   Grand Rapids, MI.
  9. E'lla Webber   Grand Rapids, MI.
  10. Endia Finn   Grand Rapids, MI.
  11. Houston Grear Jr.   Grand Rapids, MI.   (X-Large)
  12. Houston Grear III   Grand Rapids, MI.   (X-Large)
  13. Jalen Finn   Grand Rapids, MI.
  14. Janna Taylor   Grand Rapids, MI.
  15. Joann Taylor   Grand Rapids, MI.   (2-X)
  16. Joel Webber   Grand Rapids, MI.
  17. Malique Taylor-Grear   Grand Rapids, MI.   (X-Large)
  18. Mianna Webber    Portage, MI.
  19. Monica D. Grear   Grand Rapids, MI.   (Medium)
  20. Nicole Luster   Grand Rapids, MI.
  21. Phelippe Taylor   Grand Rapids, MI.
  22. Renisha Grover   Grand Rapids, MI.
  23. Troy Luster   Grand Rapids, MI.
  24. Vincent Edwards   Grand Rapids, MI.   (Large)
  1. Annette Tuggle-Jones   Hernando, MS.   (No Shirt)
  2. Brianna Yancy   Nesbit, MS.   (X-Large)
  3. Callie Mae Walker-Daniels   Olive Branch, MS.
  4. Carmelo Currie   Tyro, MS.   (No Shirt)
  5. Carolyn Gray   Hernando, MS.   (X-Large)
  6. Casey Wade Walker Jr.   Hernando, MS.   (Medium)
  7. Casey Wade Walker Sr.   Hernando, MS.   (Large & 2-X)
  8. Cassie Marie Walker   Hernando, MS.   (Medium)
  9. Christopher Currie   Hernando, MS.   (Large)
  10. Corderro Currie   Hernando, MS.   (Large)
  11. Cynthia Hayes-Currie   Hernando, MS.   (3-X)
  12. Danesha Hayes   Nesbit, MS.   (Youth-Large)
  13. Darrell Currie   Hernando, MS.   (2-X)
  14. Deborah Winston   Nesbit, MS.   (2-X)
  15. DeKevia Burford   Olive Branch, MS.   (Large)
  16. Dorothy Jones-Clark   Olive Branch, MS.   (X-Large)
  17. Edna Bea Cobb-Smith   Southaven, MS.
  18. Elizabeth Gray   Hernando, MS.   (Large)
  19. Eva Maxwell-Tuggle   Hernando, MS.   (No Shirt)
  20. Frankie Guy-Leake   Southaven, MS.   (Large)
  21. Gerald Neal   Olive Branch, MS.  (2-X)
  22. Grant Stephen Walker   Hernando, MS.   (Youth-Small)
  23. Gregory Hayes   Hernando, MS.   (2-X)
  24. Gwen Cobb-Neal   Olive Branch, MS.   (Large)
  25. Hayward Leake Jr.   Southaven, MS.   (Large)
  26. Jacquelyn Yancy   Nesbit, MS.   (Large)
  27. Jamaal Miller   Walls, MS.   (Medium)
  28. Jeremy Neal   Olive Branch, MS.
  29. Katherine Cobb-Miller   Walls, MS.   (Large)
  30. Kiara Malone   Hernando, MS.   (2-X)
  31. Kimberly Neal   Olive Branch, MS.
  32. Klohe Burford   Olive Branch, MS.   (Youth X-Small)
  33. Kylan Christopher Currie   Coldwater, MS.   (No Shirt)
  34. La'Mya Currie   Horn Lake, MS.   (Youth X-Small)
  35. Lavern Clark   Olive Branch, MS.   (2-X)
  36. Lena Mae Hayes   Hernando, MS.   (X-Large)
  37. Rhondalynn Turner   Hernando, MS.   (Medium)
  38. Robert Hayes Jr.   Nesbit, MS.   (X-Large)
  39. Rosie Nell Williford-Isom   Hernando, MS.   (Medium)
  40. Wayne Walker   Hernando, MS.   (2-X)
  1. Earl Gene Strauther   Florissant, MO.   (3-X)
  2. Erma Jean Strauther   Florissant, MO.   (2-X)

  1. Dorothy Cobb-Brooks   Las Vegas, NV.   (X-Large)


  1. Clara Alexander-Villarosa   New York, NY.   (Medium)
  2. Lee Thomas White   New York, NY.   (X-Large)

  1. A.D. Hodges   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  2. Albert Jones   Memphis, TN.   (2-X) (2-X & 5-X)
  3. Angela Cobb-Adair   Memphis, TN.
  4. Barbara Jones-Rand   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  5. Bernice Wallace-Freeman   Memphis, TN.   (2-X)
  6. Billy Crawford   Memphis, TN.
  7. Branden Chambers   Memphis, TN.   (Youth-Mediun)
  8. Bridgette Annette Cobb   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  9. Brigitte Jones-Gray   Memphis, TN.
  10. Calvin Cobb Jr.   Memphis, TN.   (3-X)
  11. Calvin Cobb Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (Large)
  12. Cameron Jones   Memphis, TN.
  13. Camille Tabor-Cobb   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  14. Camille Alisha Walker   Memphis, TN.   (Medium)
  15. Candice Jones   Memphis, TN.
  16. Cedrick Rand   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  17. Charla Webster   Memphis, TN.
  18. Charles Webster Jr.   Memphis, TN.
  19. Cleelia Jones-Powell   Memphis, TN.   (Large)
  20. Cora Lee White   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  21. Cor'darin Currie   Memphis, TN.   (No Shirt) 
  22. Darin Key Leake Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (2-X)
  23. Darin Key Leake III   Memphis, TN.   (Youth-X-Small)
  24. Deborah Powers-Walker   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  25. Deonte' Keyshun Guy   Memphis, TN.   (Youth-Small)
  26. Dianne Crawford   Memphis, TN.
  27. Edith Jones   Memphis, TN.
  28. Elvin L. Jones Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  29. Garnett Cobb-Miller   Memphis, TN.   (Large)
  30. George Hunter Jr.   Memphis, TN.   (3-X)
  31. Gladys Payne-Herron   Memphis, TN.   (2-X)
  32. Jannie Marion-Cobb   Memphis, TN.   (2-X)
  33. Jennifer Nykole Adair   Memphis, TN.
  34. Johathan Stanford Walker   Memphis, TN.   (Medium)
  35. Johnese W. Powell   Memphis, TN.   (4-X)
  36. Johnnie Everett   Memphis, TN.   (2-X)
  37. Joshua Maples   Memphis, TN.
  38. Karmyn Aniyah Leake   Memphis, TN.   (Youth-Small)
  39. Kathy Jones   Memphis, TN.
  40. Kiera Kindred   Memphis, TN. 
  41. Kineth Cobb   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  42. Ky'Land Staten   Memphis, TN.   (Large)
  43. Lauryn Ashley Adair   Memphis, TN.
  44. LaVerne Savage-Webster   Memphis, TN.
  45. Lavonne Crawford-Young   Memphis, TN.
  46. Leandras Jones   Memphis, TN.
  47. Marie Crawford-Galmore   Memphis, TN.
  48. Mary H. Jones   Memphis, TN.   (No Shirt)
  49. Milton Everett   Memphis, TN.   (5-X)
  50. Meaghan Everett   Memphis, TN.   (Large)
  51. Nelson Cobb   Memphis, TN.   (Large)
  52. Patricia Massey-Hendricks   Memphis, TN.
  53. R.L. White   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  54. Reginald Chambers   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  55. Remelle Jones-Dove   Memphis, TN.   (2-X)
  56. Rhonda Herron-Hodges   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  57. Robert Anthony   Memphis, TN.
  58. Rosalind Massey-Moore   Memphis, TN.
  59. Samaria Jordan Seymour   Memphis, TN.   (Small)
  60. Saundra Jones   Memphis, TN.
  61. Shad Jones   Memphis, TN.   (No Shirt)
  62. Sharon Smith   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  63. Shatara Currie   Memphis, TN.   (Youth X-Small)
  64. Shayla Perkins   Memphis, TN.   (No Shirt)  
  65. Shirley Freeman-Seymour   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  66. Steven Seymour   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  67. Stanley Walker   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  68. Sylvia Cobb-Leake   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)
  69. Theresa Brown   Memphis, TN.
  70. Washington (Jick) Herron   Memphis, TN.   (X-Large)

  1. Ruzenia Jones-Williams   Keller, TX.   

Throughout this web-site names of family members are color-coded to distinguish the different branches each descendant falls under:

*Descendants of Andrew Cobb*

*Descendants of Archie Freeman*

*Descendants of Jake Payne Sr.*

*Descendants of Ben Forrest*

*Descendants of Cornelia Eskridge*

*Descendants of James (Meat) Cobb*
*Descendants of Richard Cobb*