July 14, 2018
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 Descendants of the Cobb-Freeman-Payne-Forrest-Eskridge Families

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This web-site is dedicated to the memory of...
Ramsey A. Cobb Sr. & Victor Payne-Cobb

Ramsey A. Cobb Sr. & Victor Payne-Cobb
Ramsey A. Cobb Sr. & Victor Payne-Cobb

Ramsey A. Cobb Sr. was the grandson of Andrew Cobb and the great-grandson of Archie Freeman. 

Victor Payne-Cobb was the granddaughter of Jake Payne Sr, the great-granddaughter of Ben Forrest and the great-granddaughter of Cornelia Eskridge.


Throughout this web-site names of family members are color-coded to distinguish the different branches each descendant falls under:

*Descendants of Andrew Cobb*

*Descendants of Archie Freeman*

*Descendants of Jake Payne Sr.*

*Descendants of Ben Forrest*

*Descendants of Cornelia Eskridge*

*Descendants of James (Meat) Cobb*

*Descendants of Richard Cobb*



Darin Leake (Web-Master)
Darin Leake (Web-Master)

Please send pictures or other information to be included on the web-site to Darin K. Leake at dkeyl@aol.com

You may contact Darin by phone at (901) 737-6167 (home) or (901) 283-1177 (cell)

(Darin is the husband of Sylvia Cobb-Leake)

This website will serve as our means of communication as we plan our family reunion. Please vote on the poll page on various things related to this reunion. You can also take the Family quiz and see how well you know the history of our family. Please send us pictures through the "Then and Now" page as well comments about what you are up to.
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